Alan and Karen Batke

Alan and Karen Batke Accept Conservation Award

Alan & Karen Batke have been members of the Friends of Cedar, Mill and Wigle Creek groups for over 10 years, often taking a leading role in identifying and encouraging projects to benefit these watersheds.  As well, as long-standing members of the Kingsville Horticultural Society, they actively maintain numerous gardens around Kingsville.

The pair are master gardeners and take a lead role in mentoring others to learn about the benefits of and intricacies to native plant gardening.  They have helped educate our entire community, through contributed pieces to the Windsor Star on native plant gardening, integrated pest management, chemical free gardening, and a range of other topics.  They also provide the answers to the questions submitted by readers regarding gardening efforts.  Their home garden has been transformed into a paradise for local wildlife, and they showcase this effort in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.  Alan & Karen have also lent their skills and talents to marsh monitoring and invasive species identification and removal activities.  For their longtime efforts, and their mentoring and inspiration of others, we are pleased to honour them as Conservation Champions