Dan Krutsch


Dan Krutsch is a professional engineer with extensive experience in civil engineering design and analysis.  He, too, had an auspicious beginning to his career in the mid-80s as he joined the ERCA staff for a very brief time as a junior engineer before joining the engineering consulting sector.  Upon joining the ranks of the professional engineering consulting world, Dan has worked with ERCA on many different studies and construction projects all around the region, such as Belle River Flood Control, Turkey Creek and Grand Marais Drain Improvements, several projects on the Lake Erie Bluffs, Pelee Island Dykes, and several Detroit River shoreline stabilization and habitat enhancement projects, to name only a few examples.

While ERCA has had the opportunity to work with many engineering consultants throughout the years, what continues to stand out about Dan is his exceptional creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm in addressing numerous challenging projects.  In fact, in 2008, he provided substantial in-kind engineering services towards a collaboration involving ERCA, senior levels of the Canadian and US governments, and BASF towards the Detroit River Lake Sturgeon Spawning Habitat Restoration Project constructed near Fighting Island.  This assistance was a major factor in the success of this project, which was used for Lake Sturgeon spawning in spring, 2009 and Lake Whitefish spawning in fall, 2009.  Over the past few years, he was instrumental in a significant re-design of the River Canard Park as well as re-creating the shoreline and beach along the Windsor waterfront.

Dan continues to provide in-kind expertise to other projects, such as trails on Pelee Island.  For his dedication and commitment to finding creative and environmentally sustainable methods of solving engineering challenges, we are pleased to honour him as a Conservation Champion.