Dave Kraus


Dave Kraus is a science teacher at Essex District High School. Concerned with environmental issues, conservation, and the protection of our region’s unique habitat, Dave is actively involved in a number of organizations and projects focussing on local environmental concerns.  Many years ago, Dave was a contract biologist at ERCA.

Dave shares his passion and appreciation for our region’s biodiversity with his students. He inspires his them to be actively involved in environmental restoration, and organizes hands-on field trips where the students participate in local conservation efforts. One project included an Endangered Species habitat restoration project for the federally endangered Prothonotary Warbler. Together with 50 of his students, Dave spent a day planting native plants to encourage more nesting pairs of this species. This is only one example of the many field trips and activities that Dave has organized for his students.

As well, Dave is one of the first secondary school teachers in the region to sign his students up to teach elementary school kids at the Essex Region Children’s Water Festival.  For many years, he was the administrator of the Wetland Habitat Fund and through this role, was instrumental in helping to create many wetlands and diverse habitats across the Essex Region.  He is the past president of the Essex County Field Naturalists Club, where he continues to serve as a Director.

Dave certainly walks the talk.  A few years ago, he worked with ERCA to restore 2.5 acres of habitat on his Leamington farm, and is currently planning a large scale habitat restoration project including three wetlands and species at risk habitat on his Pelee Island property.  For many years, Dave has been a champion of wetland conservation and creation.  His efforts in educating young people about the importance of a clean and healthy environment are impressive, and for these accomplishments we are pleased to recognize him as a Conservation Champion.