Hazen Price

Hazen Price is well known for his work in saving and restoring the human and built heritage across the Essex Region.  Some of his most notable achievements have been right here in the Town of Amherstburg, and include his work with the Gibson Gallery, the Park House Museum and the Gibb House.  He also consulted on the development of the Homestead as a museum, and was Chair of the Homestead Committee for several years.  Mr. Price has been a regular donor, keeping the Homestead supplied with his own handmade tin ware, and a strong supporter of our blacksmithing programs.

While Mr. Price is well know and highly regarded for his efforts in the preservation of our human history, perhaps what is not as well know about him is his lifelong passion for nature.  As a child, he helped his father to plan indigenous trees on their land in Malden Township.  This introduction to nature led to Mr. Price earning his Masters degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Michigan.  Upon completion of this education, he took up farming in Malden Township.

Hazen’s farm spanned from the Detroit River to right near here at Big Creek.  As the caregiver of the land, he continued the tradition began by his father, and reforested unproductive farmland and maintained forest habitat and deep hedges suitable for wildlife habitat.  For many years, he was involved in bird counts and the Eagle Study which were held on his land.  He also worked hard to keep the riverfront in Malden free from development that would obstruct the view of the Detroit River, ensuring this legacy could be enjoyed by all.

His nominator states:  “Hazen Price has spent his life preserving the natural and built heritage of Essex County for generations to come.”  We agree, and are delighted to recognize him as a Conservation Champion.