Lynda Corkum

Lynda Corkum is cited by many past students as the catalyst that sparked a fascination with ecological science. Since joining the University of Windsor in 1994, her unwavering enthusiasm for both the study and teaching of ecology has served as a motivating factor for her students  – many of whom have gone on to make improving the earth’s ecology their own life’s work.

Until her recent retirement, Dr. Corkum served as the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and as a full professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.  In 2006, she was honoured with the Excellence in Mentoring Award.  She is also the past president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research.

In addition to these duties, she authored the Fishes of Essex County Guidebook— an excellent local resource. All proceeds from this book benefit the Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club, where she has volunteered for many years.  Dr. Corkum has worked on numerous Great Lakes and specifically Detroit River fish projects including specializing in the behaviour of the Round Goby, which is an invasive species.

We’re not sure where she finds the time, but Dr. Corkum has volunteered at the Essex County Field Naturalists’ food booth here at the Festival of Hawks in past years.   All told, Dr. Corkum’s many awards and accolades are too numerous to mention in great detail here,  and we are most delighted to honour her as a Conservation Champion.