Pearl Bradd

Pearl Bradd

Pearl Bradd has been dedicated to continuing science education in our community for more than 40 years.  Ms. Bradd was a teacher with the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) until her retirement in 2001.  During her 39 year career as a secondary school teacher in Windsor, Pearl was a dedicated volunteer in this community.  Even after retirement, Pearl continued her lifelong dedication to applied science education.

She began volunteering with the Little River Enhancement Group in 1989, and actively participated in monthly meetings, tree plantings and environmental cleanups.  Under her direction and guidance, grade 12 & 13 students researched water quality in Little River corridor, and in doing so earned recognition from National Geographic.  Even today, after her retirement, Riverside Secondary School remains active with the Little River Enhancement Group because of the science program that she established.

For more than 15 years, Pearl worked with the late Tom Toth to help realize the dream of bringing a science centre to Windsor.  It was their shared vision to provide a place for local youth to engage in hands-on, science based learning.  She volunteered her teaching expertise to provide classes for children at the temporary Science Centre at the Market Square, and then assumed a leadership role in designing and building the permanent exhibits in the new facility located on Marion Avenue.

Pearl was also instrumental in developing an education science centre on Fighting Island.  This location offered an opportunity for young people to do field work addressing ecological and environmental issues.  Pearl volunteered her time and professional expertise in designing facilities and curriculum for this environmental program aimed at students in grades 7, 8 and 10.

Pearl Bradd is a superb and gifted educator of both teachers and students.  She is known in educational and science circles in our community as “Miss Science”.  She has a passion for engaging the interest of students in science.