Rick Paterson

Rick Paterson receives his Conservation Champion Award from Chair Joe BachettiRick Paterson is a professional engineer who has continuously demonstrated a high level of proficiency in his field of civil engineering and continues to work tirelessly for his client base throughout the Essex Region.  In his early career, Rick was involved in modelling shoreline structures to ensure that the design would stand up to the rigours of the coastal environment while at the same time ensuring that the proposed structures would not adversely affect environmental features. Rick has authored or been involved in the study teams that have completed a significant number of shoreline management plans for our region such as the Kingsville and Gosfied South Shoreline Management Study on Lake Erie, the Town of LaSalle Shoreline Management Study on the Detroit River and the East Windsor Shoreline Management Study on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. In addition, Rick has participated on many site specific coastal and riverine investigations and studies throughout the region. Rick was the project designer and manager of the ongoing work at the Sterling Fuels property which received a Conservation award for its many significant environmental attributes.

Rick has also donated his time and professional skills in designing and certifying such structures as the viewing towers at Petite Cote, Tremblay Beach and Ruscom Shores Conservation Areas.

He continues to provide his expertise within the coastal environment to many other undertakings such as the Lakeshore Training Walls study and the Tecumseh Parkettes Shorewall Assessment. Rick and his firm, CSI Engineers go to great lengths to incorporate environmental enhancements and environmental mitigation techniques into all of their designs, and we are delighted to honour him as a Conservation Champion.