Vic and Darlene Bernyk

Vic and Darlene BernykVic and Darlene Bernyk have long been strong local leaders in the use of native plants across the landscape.  Following Vic’s long and fruitful (!) career at the Harrow Research Station, the couple established their ‘Native Trees and Plants’ initiative several years ago, in which they specializing in growing and cultivating native plants that are used in restoration projects around the region.  They have worked with many groups in the region, sharing their knowledge and expertise to help establishing native plant gardens.  In additional to helping ERCA establish these important gardens, Vic and Darlene are working with the Herb Gray Parkway initiative on large scale native plant restoration projects.

Vic & Darlene also share their expertise and help to mentor others in Native Plant Gardening through their education and outreach to groups, through local events and others.  For their longtime advocacy for and education of native plant gardening throughout the Essex Region, we are pleased to honour them as Conservation Champions.