Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Imagine the place in which you wish to live. Does it have clean water running through its lakes and rivers? Is the water swimmable, fishable, and drinkable? Does it have enough green space to offset the effects of its developed areas? Are there connected parks and conservation areas for wildlife? Does it feature a high quality of life, with trails and natural lands for health and recreation?

This is the future the Essex Region Conservation Authority is striving for. Realizing this goal through protection, restoration, and management not only improves our local environment, but also helps to create a sustainable future, an enhanced community image, and a more vibrant economy that can set this region ahead of others.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority developed its first strategic plan in 1995 with a vision for 2020. Every five years since then, the plan has been updated to reflect goals and objectives for the coming period.

Strategic Plan Update – 2015:

ERCA is presently updating its strategic plan to reflect a ten year planning cycle, and is inviting the public to have their say.  We want to hear what Windsor/Essex residents think are the most important environmental challenges facing our community, and how we can all work together to be part of the solution.  Please consider providing your input by taking this brief survey.



Connect-Engage-Collaborate-Discover – Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016

The Essex Region Conservation Authority’s Strategic Plan was shaped, in a significant way, by what we heard are the important factors for a sustainable future for our region, from the community, our stakeholders, and partners. The plan’s four directions and their outcomes, was informed by the on-line survey, stakeholder roundtable, and planning sessions. These directions will guide us towards our vision for 2020. These directions are:

  • Connect – Connect people to our landscape, waterfronts, and our Great Lakes and rivers with attractive natural areas, trails, and Conservation Areas as a part of a vibrant and sustainable community.
  • Engage – Engage our community to create an increased awareness of conserving and enhancing our environment, to leave a legacy of a clean and healthy natural world for generations.
  • Collaborate – Reach out and engage existing and new stakeholders to create a partnership for a sustainable environment in our region.
  • Discover – Develop greater scientific knowledge of our region in order to adapt to climate change and respond to its impact on the safety, health, and economic well-being of our residents.

Please view our 2011-2016 ERCA Strategic Plan here:

2011-2016 StrategicPlan

Please view the summary of the survey results here:

Summary of Community Survey

We’ve listened and we think you’ll be pleased with how we’ve incorporated your ideas into our new strategic plan which will govern the direction ERCA takes for the next 5 years. Again, we are deeply grateful for your contribution to our future so that we can continue to try to improve yours.