Brookfield Teams Up with ERCA to Green Lakeshore

Posted on April 22, 2013

Lakeshore, Ontario –  Over 5,000 trees will be added to the Town of Lakeshore this spring, thanks to a generous donation from Brookfield Renewable.  A donation of $20,000 and a partnership with the Essex Region Conservation Authority was announced at a schoolyard greening event at Centennial Central Public School on Earth Day.

“Brookfield Renewable is delighted to work with ERCA and the Town of Lakeshore on conservation and restoration projects that sustain a balance with our natural surroundings,” said Dave Hurd, Brookfield Renewable’s General Manager for South West Ontario Wind Operations.  “As the largest private developer of clean, renewable energy in Canada, Brookfield Renewable is committed to helping build sustainable communities where we live and work.”

ERCA Vice Chair Percy Hatfield and Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain were extremely grateful for the donation.

“This donation will be used to help create large scale restoration projects in this community.  In fact, thanks to this funding, this spring nearly nearly five acres of habitat will be restored,” explained Hatfield.  “As well, thank to Brookfield’s generousity, we are able to work with the students here at Centennial Central Public School to plant fifteen large stock trees which will provide an environmental and educational benefit, as well as shade for the students.”

The staff and students of the school were grateful and enthusiastic.  Some of the fund will be used for additional community planting events and schoolyard greenings.

“Over the coming few years, we expect to work with many more partners who will help to create a cleaner, greener and healthier legacy in the Town of Lakeshore and for our region as a whole,” added Mayor Tom Bain.

Since 1973, the Essex Region Conservation Authority has served as a community-based organization dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Essex Region