Chrysler Canada Greenway

Egret takes flight at Cedar Creek
The Chrysler Canada Greenway nearly 50 kilometre multi use trail that is the southern-most section of the Trans Canada Trail. It connects natural areas, rich agricultural lands, historically and architecturally significant structures, award winning wineries and many other features that make the Essex Region unique. The Greenway effectively joins 25 otherwise separate natural areas and three watersheds. It significantly improves the quality of life in the Essex Region by connecting people to nature and culture in a way that is accessible to all.

In 1995, with a significant donation from Chrysler Canada, the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) purchased the 42 km abandoned railway to preserve this significant corridor. An 18 month public planning process determined that the property would best benefit the community as a multi-use recreational trail, underground utility corridor and a natural green space.

The corridor begins south of Oldcastle, and continues south through the Towns of McGregor and Harrow, and proceeds through Kingsville to Ruthven at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens. In the past several years, additional extensions have been added.

There are five community entrances where you can park your car and enjoy any of the activities below.


Free parking and washrooms are available at each Community Entrance. Picnic tables at some locations including Oldcastle and Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens.

Please see our map for locations.
Chrysler Canada Greenway Trail Map

Horseback Riding

Horse access available between South Talbot Road and Concession 4 (north-south section), and Ferris Side Road and McCain Road (east-west section).

Rules and Regulations for Riders:
Ride on the grass – please keep off the gravel trail
Dismount at gates and bridges and walk horse through
Absolutely no horse droppings to be left on the gravel trail