Hillman Marsh

Nature Centre at Hillman Marsh
With 5 kilometres of trails around this precious marshland habitat, Hillman Marsh draws wildlife and people from both near and far. Adjacent to Lake Erie, the walking trails, nature centre, washrooms and viewing towers at Hillman Marsh can be accessed from the main entrance. A swimming beach is accessible from the North Beach parking lot on Mersea Rd. 2.

Witnessing migration activity at the Shorebird Celebration in May is one of the highlights of this area. The diverse habitats of Hillman Marsh attract and support marsh, shore and field birds such as herons, egrets, terns, songbirds and ducks as well as a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. Over one hundred species of birds use Hillman as a migration stopover which draws sandpipers, ducks, warblers and frequently spotted annual rarities such as the Yellow-headed Blackbird, Willet, Marbled Godwit, Eurasian Wigeon, Glossy Ibis and Eastern Kingbird.  A birding trail borders 87 acres of unique Shorebird Habitat where water levels are actively managed to create mudflats, providing outstanding viewing opportunities.

Learn more about birding at Hillman Marsh at www.erca.org/birding

The nature centre is open at limited times during the spring with excellent educational displays about flora and fauna typical to the area. This is one of the Conservation Areas used to educate students from across the region about conserving our environment through ERCA’s Outdoor Education Program.

Please note, as of April 1, 2014, smoking at Hillman Marsh Conservation Area is restricted to the parking lot only. Entry fee to Hillman Marsh Conservation Area is $6 per car payable at the self-serve entry gate to help offset the costs of conservation.  As of June, 2015, the South Beach is closed due to flooding, erosion and hazard trees.

Please be advised, the Park Canada 150th anniversary pass is not valid at Hillman Marsh.


Open Dawn to Dusk

Picnic tables
Washrooms (open seasonally)
Nature Centre with viewing platform
Viewing Tower

Hillman Marsh Trail Map