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Cycling is an exciting activity and ERCA’s many well-maintained trails offer a great way to enjoy the natural areas and explore this region. ERCA is also part of Essex County’s CWATS initiative to create more than 700 on and off road trails over the next two decades for recreation and active transportation.  The biking trails in these Conservation Areas will suit all ages and abilities. Ride on!

Where to Enjoy this Activity

Chrysler Canada Greenway
With over 50 kilometres of trails from Oldcastle to Kingsville, the Greenway connects natural areas and communities across the county. An extension of the Trans-Canada Trail, following the historic path of abandoned railway makes an enjoyable route across the region.  Trail surface is fine granular limestone screening.

Devonwood Conservation Area
Located just north of Cabana Road, this beautiful woodland has a network of over 4.5 kilometres of excellent multi use trails which extend further north by linking to the City of Windsor’s Devonwood Bike Path. Trail surface is fine granular limestone screening.

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
Near Leamington, enjoy a 4.5 kilometre mowed-grass circular trail on top of the dyke adjacent to marshland and waterways.

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Just south east of Amherstburg, cycle through attractive wooded and grass areas up to the fantastic sandy beach.

Maidstone Conservation Area
Wind your way through this attractive woodland; pass by the Puce River and see if you can spot the ancient ‘signal’ tree.  Trail surface is fine granular limestone screening.

McAuliffe Woods Conservation Area
Near Tecumseh, this circular wooded trail makes for a short but exciting cycling adventure.  Trail surface is paved with some areas of fine granular limestone screening.

Amherstburg – Essex Greenway
A great place to cycle, the recently upgraded trails at Sadler’s Park in Essex link with the first kilometre of the planned Amherstburg-Essex Greenway.  Trail surface is paved with some areas of fine granular limestone screening.


  • Helmets should be worn at all times.
  • Right of Way should be given to pedestrians, and consideration to other cyclists and vehicles at Greenway intersections and Holiday Beach.
  • Remain on the trails to protect sensitive flora and fauna which can be rare and endangered species. Off-trail biking is not permitted at these Conservation Areas.
  • Carry a small repair kit with you in case of tire puncture or other equipment problems.