Hunting retriever overlooks wetland


ERCA offers waterfowl, turkey and deer hunting at specific Conservation Areas.  Public draws for hunting opportunities are announced at least one month ahead of time.

For hunting draw information please visit

Deer hunting is offered many of ERCA’s natural areas across Essex County that do not have any built trails or public facilities.  Please review the information sheet for more details

Spring Turkey Hunting is permitted on ERCA’s Pelee Island land holdings.  No permit or fee is required for this hunt.  However, all applicable federal and provincial permits, licenses tags etc are required.  Please review the below information sheet for more details.

Waterfowl hunting is offered at Big Creek, Holiday Beach, Cedar Creek and Hillman Marsh Conservation Areas.  Each of these waterfowl hunting programs is different.  For more information, download our fact sheets on:

Waterfowl Hunting
Deer Hunting
Turkey Hunting

Where to Enjoy this Activity

Big Creek Conservation Area

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area

Holiday Beach Conservation Area


  •  You must have a valid Ontario Hunting license