Boy playing in water at Holiday Beach


Probably one of the best types of exercise, and you won’t even notice the workout because you’ll be having so much fun!  Make a splash in a lake or river — it’s a great way to cool off in the summer.

Where to Enjoy this Activity

Cedar Beach Conservation Area
A beautiful sandy beach not far from Kingsville. Enjoy the cool, clear waters of Lake Erie.

Crystal Bay Conservation Area
A sheltered area in the Detroit River accessible to boaters — drop your anchor and jump into the crystal clear waters! Check out the smaller channels for more secluded swimming.

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
On Lake Erie, Hillman Marsh has a beautiful, long and peaceful sandy beach giving you access to all the clear, cool water you’ll need.

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Our most popular swimming beach, enjoy the gentle, refreshing breeze and waves of Lake Erie from this beautiful groomed sandy beach.

White Sands Conservation Area
Aptly named, White Sands is a relaxing place for boaters to stop and have a swim in the Detroit River on a sunny day.


  • Watch for beach closure notices
  • Beaches are not supervised. Parents, ensure that children are supervised at all times.
  • Use waterproof sunscreen
  • Always be aware of currents and undercurrents and know your limitations

Follow this link to the health unit for beach closure updates – http://www.wechealthunit.org