Flood Forecasting

Wave damage and flooding to home along Lake Erie shoreline

ERCA, like all Conservation Authorities, is responsible for monitoring stream flow, lake and river water levels and ice conditions within our watershed, assessing soil saturation levels and when necessary, providing flood warnings to local municipalities and agencies.

We provide advice to municipalities for the preparation of flood contingency plans and assist municipalities during the emergency response process. We have access to and are provided weather information at both the local and international level which allows for timely alerts to be issued in advance to potential floods.

Types of flood messages:

  • Flood Safety Bulletin/Advisory – Informs the public and municipalities that ERCA is assessing flood potential.
  • Flood Advisory/Alert – Indicates the potential for flooding within specific watercourses or municipalities.
  • Flood Warning – Warns that flooding is imminent or is occurring in specific watercourses or municipalities.

Flood Advisory

Staff Contact
Office Hours – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Flood Response Coordinator
Tim Byrne, Director of Watershed Management Services
Phone: (519) 776-5209 ext. 350

Web-Based Climate Data

Thanks to a partnership with Campbell Scientific, ERCA presently hosts five online climate stations  that provide real-time date on rainfall, temperature, and in some cases, wind conditions.  For more information:  http://dataservices.campbellsci.ca/essex/index

Lake Level Information

Last Month

This Month

Lake St. Clair (Belle River) Data Graph Data Graph
Detroit River (Amherstburg) Data Graph Data Graph
Lake Erie (Bar Point) Data Graph Data Graph
Lake Erie (Kingsville) Data Graph Data Graph

Disclaimer: Due to circumstances beyond our control, some Flood Advisories may not be posted to this web page. Please consult with the contacts listed above for confirmation and further information regarding current advisories.

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