Tree Planting & Stewardship

ERCA Forester assessing tree health
ERCA partners with public and private landowners to implement naturalization projects ranging from 1 to 100+ acres.

Projects can be implemented on lands owned by individuals, businesses, or municipalities. The majority of these projects are undertaken in partnership with rural private landowners who wish to reforest or naturalize parcels of land, or complete projects that enhance water quality.  The types of restoration projects include:

  • Conventional Tree Planting
  • Alternative Forest Restoration
  • Wetland Enhancement/Construction
  • Tallgrass Prairie/Wildflower Meadows
  • Vegetated Buffer Strips
  • Soil Erosion Control Structures, such as rock chutes

Grants for up to 90 per cent of the cost are available for projects at least 1 acre in size. Contact our Conservation Services department to find out more!

For tree planting projects, contact:
Forester Robert Davies
519-776-5209 ext 310

For wetland & meadow projects, contact:
Restoration Biologist Kathryn Arthur
519-776-5209 ext 303

Click here for a list of grants available.

Tree order forms:

Seedlings Tree Order Form – 2018

Large Stock Tree Order Form
Please note-we are sold out of the following Large stock hardwood species: Autum Blaze, Basswood, Maple Red, Maple Silver, Maple Sugar, Oak Burr, Oak Red, Oak Swamp White, Sycamore.

About ERCA’s tree planting

ERCA is widely recognized for its forestry program.  Since our inception, we’ve planted almost 6 million trees in the Essex Region.  Trees provide natural habitat for wildlife, protect soil from eroding, and improve water quality.  Trees have been demonstrated to add up to 15 percent to the value of a home, and if planted in strategic locations, can reduce home heating and cooling requirements.  ERCA also has a very active seed collection program.  Each fall, we collect seeds from local trees which are then propagated into seedlings which we replant in the region in future years.  Science has shown that trees grown from local stock are most resilient to the climate and soil conditions of that particular area, thereby increasing their survivability.

ERCA has a comprehensive Landowner Grant Program to assist landowners with between 75% and 90% of project costs.

To learn more about water quality improvement projects that can be completed on agricultural properties, download the information about the Essex County Demonstration Farm.  This 40 acre site, located adjacent to Holiday Beach Conservation Area, demonstrates how the environment and agriculture can co-exist by profiling conservation practices and innovative products, techniques and technologies

In addition to watershed restoration projects, some landowners may be interested in ensuring the environmental features on their properties are protected in perpetuity.  To learn more about ways to protect all or parts of your property, learn about Your Conservation Legacy.