Fox kit at Kopegaron Woods

Wildlife of the Essex Region

Wildlife in the Essex region is not only diverse, but also some of the rarest. No other region in Ontario or Canada contains the highest biodiversity, or the greatest number of rare species. For example, the Essex region is home to more than 240 federally or provincially rare species of plants or animals. Exceptional wildlife spectacles include the huge flocks of Canada Geese at Jack Miner’s Bird Sanctuary, the spring bird migration through Point Pelee National Park, the endangered herptiles (reptiles and amphibians) of Pelee Island, the fall raptor migration through Holiday Beach Conservation Area, the largest heronries in the province on the islands in Lake Erie, and the fall gatherings of butterflies.

ERCA’s environmental programs are designed to improve native fish and wildlife resources. This is accomplished through various monitoring programs as well as active projects which enhance our local native populations of wildlife.

Available from the ERCA office, are plans for nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds, Wood Ducks, Kestrels, Screech Owls, Purple Martins, and Bats.

Wildlife Damage Control

Has a population of Canada Geese taken up residence in your yard? Have you noticed Meadow Vole trails carved into your lawn? Has a Raccoon taken up residence in your attic? Occasionally, wildlife activity may cause damage to personal property or interfere with human activity. The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management has published an authoritative manual describing wildlife behaviour and techniques for preventing and controlling wildlife damage.

Below are the most common species for which information on damage control is requested. The links below are in Adobe Acrobat format.