SCAR Athlete Profile #1

Roung Family biking at SCAR 2015.

The Roung Family heading out on their bikes from the transition area at Two Creeks Conservation Area during SCAR 2015.

This week’s featured team, the Roung Family, competed as a team of three at SCAR 2015.

Describe your team and their previous athletic accomplishments.
Parents Jonathan & Kristen have always been active in sports such as swimming, hockey, sand volleyball, and rock climbing. Lucas is a skilled racquet sport player, having played on various school tennis, badminton, and squash teams. We are an energetic family that leads a very active lifestyle.

Why did you decide to tackle the South Coast Adventure Race?
We first registered for SCAR in 2015, with the race occurring one day before Lucas’ 13th birthday. We considered it a ‘rite of passage’ for Lucas entering his teenage years. 2017 marks our third consecutive year participating.

How did you train for SCAR?
We trained for SCAR by biking and running regularly on interval training programs of various times and distances, to build endurance and stamina. Strength training and weightlifting programs are part of our everyday routines, which is crucial for the canoeing component of the race.

What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?
The most difficult challenge is the mental aspect, especially on some of the longer biking stretches. Our bodies are capable with the proper motivation and attitude. Fortunately, whenever one of us hit a “mental wall,” the support from the family teammates helped push through and obtain a second (or third, or fourth) wind. Dividing the race up into smaller races made a huge difference as well (i.e. “make it to the next checkpoint, it’s just over that hill!”)

What would you say to others who might think you need to be an elite level athlete to complete this event?
With a little determination and preparation, any individual can compete. Just remember to pace yourself and go at your own speed.

Any other comments/advice for possible first time racers who might be interested in SCAR?
The feeling when you cross that finish line is like no other.  The race is challenging and unique because it combines strategy and mental planning with physical training to cross the finish line, and once you prove to yourself that you can do it, you will remember doing this race for your whole life. Quick last-minute tip – get a giant freezer bag and zip tie it to your bike’s handlebars. It makes for a great convenient place to hold the map, and sure beats a pocket where it might fall out (trust me, we learned THE HARD WAY).