SCAR Athlete Profile #2

Team CJAM at SCAR 2016 check-in

Anne Marie, Chantal, and Jeremy check in for SCAR 2016.

This week’s feature team, CJAM, competed at SCAR 2016.

Describe your team and their previous athletic accomplishments.

Our team is a good mix or runners, cyclists and geographers! Anne-Marie & Chantal have done running events in the past, such as Pelee Island ½ marathon.

Why did you decide to tackle the South Coast Adventure Race?

For FUN!

How did you train for SCAR?

Playing ultimate frisbee for two hours per week then running! Some strength training  in outdoor fitness parks. Yoga to keep the mind sharp and the body flexible!

What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

We didn’t have our bike helmets on during the bike course, and almost got disqualified. This cost us time. Luckily we were close to a Home Hardware store and a course volunteer went to buy us children bicycle helmets!

What would you say to others who might think you need to be an elite level athlete to complete this event?

You don’t have to be elite level athletes to run through the woods, paddle a canoe or cycle. You make it as intense as you want. The Windsor-Essex region has the advantage of being flat. Leverage your teammates skills on different legs of the event. Slow and steady wins the race! Pace yourself, hydrate and stay together!

Any comments/advice for possible first time racers who might be interested in SCAR?

Make sure one teammate is LISTENING to the instructions before the race starts! Pack more food than you think you may need. Don’t leave your energy ball snacks at the bottom of the canoe.