SCAR Athlete Profile #3

Iris & Scott Hamel

Iris & Scott Hamel at SCAR 2016 check-in.

This week’s featured participants, ROBs Team, competed at SCAR 2016 on behalf of our Post Race Bash Sponsor, ROB’s Culinary Motion.

Describe your team and their previous athletic accomplishments.

Our team was my wife Iris and myself. In the past, I have participated in several local cycling events, and I try to attend a handful of local 5km runs. My wife and I have participated in the Heartbreaker Challenge since its inception, along with three Tough Mudders. Iris has also run the Detroit half marathon two times. We are constantly looking for events to participate in.

Why did you decide to tackle the South Coast Adventure Race?

Simply put, it sounded exciting, and something we were unfamiliar with. We like adventure, and we like to take on new challenges.

How did you train for SCAR?

Since we were unfamiliar with the event and the details, we both did some cross training, as well as cycling.

What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

Riding into the wind! We don’t do a lot of county riding, and some of the legs were hot and windy. The orienteering was definitely new to us, so we did our best to estimate some of the challenges, and use our ears!

What would you say to others who might think you need to be an elite level athlete to complete this event?

You just have to be in decent shape. It was definitely an exhausting day. We didn’t push ourselves too hard, but we did challenge ourselves to maintain an eager pace.

Any other comments/advice for possible first time racers who might be interested in SCAR?

If you are on the fence about participating, DO IT! We are eager to be a part of future events. Don’t let the unknown scare you. When we got there, we were truly a bit intimidated. Once the event started,we just took it step by step until we understood how to find our way.