Hawk Fest 2015 Scavenger Hunt Start

Like a hungry Turkey Vulture, your task is to scour Holiday Beach to discover five raptors common to the region. You’ll need to use your cunning intellect to solve each clue to find the next species, which are located throughout the conservation area. If you need a map of the area, download one here, that should make things a bit easier.

Each clue will direct you to a location in Holiday Beach, where you’ll find each a certain bird of prey species species and a clue to the next location. Keep track of each species you find to submit them at the end of your journey for a chance to win a one year pass to all of ERCA’s Conservation Areas.

Clue #1

“While thousands of raptors may use Holiday Beach as a pit stop during their long trek south, this new eco-friendly facility is much better suited for human use. You’ll find the next species at this site, underneath where you rest your weary legs.”