Frequently Asked Questions



I’ve never done an adventure race before – is this something I can do?

  • YES!  Of course, you’ll need to train for the race and be in good physical condition, but luckily, our course is flat and fast.  Anyone in good physical condition, who can cycle at least 20km, should be able to complete this course.  And of course, your safety is our top priority, so we will have sweep vehicles and safety personnel monitoring our participants. If you feel you simply can’t go on, you simply let us know and we’ll get you back to the finish line.

What are the rule?

What type of cycling is on the course?

  • There is some cycling along rural roads, including some gravel roads and trails.  Of course, in most cases, the racers can choose their own route, although paved roads may be the longer way to your destination.

What ‘mandatory gear’ is required?

  • Mandatory team gear includes a compass, basic first aid kit, 2 litres of water per person and a cell phone for emergencies which will be sealed.  Of course, brain buckets – aka bike helmet, are also required.  No GPS units are permitted.  You had also better bring along enough food to get you through the day – there will be two water replenishing stations along the route.  Other items to consider: highlighters to map your route, insect repellent, sunscreen, and any other items you might need to get you through the course.  Be sure to label all of your items. Click here for a complete list of Mandatory Gear.

Are there age restrictions?

  • Racers under 18 years of age can participate as a member of the regular team of two or three, if accompanied by a parent who is also racing.

What is the Youth Category?

  • The Youth category is designed for racers aged 13 – 17 who wish to participate without a parent who is racing.  Every team who registers in the Youth category must have one parent available on the race course on race day.  Parents will be provided a map on the morning of the race identifying locations they must be present during certain time periods.   Parents must sign waivers allowing the teams to participate.

Do all of my team members have to be present at check-in?

  • YES!  All team members must be present at check-in to sign their race waivers and to have their mandatory gear list checked.