Water Safety Notice

Posted on January 12, 2018

The region’s open waterways have had water flowing over ice and, in certain locations, ice surfaces have ruptured. The ice that has ruptured has moved
over and under intact ice. This condition can contribute to ice jamming and result in elevated river water levels.

Forecasts are for colder temperatures, which will refreeze waterways, which could aggravate the spring freshette later this year. For the time being, refrozen elevated river locations are a hazard as the refrozen ice will not be consistently supported by river water that had been temporarily available from the thaw. Winter recreational activities should not proceed in areas of the Essex County region’s waterways that have had recent open water conditions.

In addition, local catch basins, standpipes and other surface inlets that have up to now been covered with snow, should now be inspected and cleared of any winter debris that may have accumulated. Small children, pets and livestock should be kept away from standing water, which may have been held back as a result of blocked surface inlets.